iOS 9 CamRotate Cydia Tweak for iPhone

iPhones camera is an ideal example of among the very most successful smartphone cameras.

Nevertheless, advanced iPhone photographers who would like their iPhone camera to lock a specific orientation use the iPhones orientation lock attribute. When that isn’t enough, CamRotate comes in.

CamRotate is a certain Cydia tweak created to give more control on the orientation of your iPhone camera. Its essentially for those orientation locks in to function just as you would like them to.

The true goal of CamRotate is likely lost in the busy reviews but at its heart, the tweak allows you to configure the inclinations.

CamRotate doesn’t have many attributes or setup settings. You’ve:

Lock turning which locks in whatever orientation you place the tweak to
Sync orientation which syncs the orientation on the basis of the iPhones standing(portrait/landscape)
Turning style which adds an iPad-like transition of the onscreen buttons when orientation is altered
It’s possible for you to enable or disable the tweak using a switch. You dont have to respring to use the changes. You only need to stop the camera program in the multi-task switcher and reopen the camera to view the changes taking effect.

CamRotate is a free tweak on the BigBoss repo. It’s possible for you to catch it on your iPhone.

Unlock your Mac with Cydia App FingerKey using Touch ID

Touch ID attribute of iPhone and iPad makes iOS incredibly risk-free and makes it suitable for users to immediately unlock their apparatus. It’s possible for you to add multiple Macs in your iPhone and make use of the program to unlock them. All you need to do is choose the proper computer in the list after which scan your finger utilizing the detector.
For security it’s equipped with 256-bit AES encryption which is used when information is transferred between your iPhone and Mac.

Naturally along with FingerKey you’ll additionally require a company program for OS X called FingerLock. After downloading the program on your own iOS and OS X apparatus you must create the programs.

Using FingerKey isn’t just enjoyable but also can conserve time. To produce it faster that you gain access to the FingerKey program on your own iPhone there’s a committed Notification Center Widget you can exploit to jump to the program. You’ll need to add the widget before it is possible to put it to use.

It’s possible for you to download FingerKey program on your iPhone for $1.99. If you have one of those apparatus then await the upgrade before making the purchase.

Download FingerKey

Call or add a contact from Notifications Center with Addial

mingly, it doesnt seem such as the Exploit-to-widgets thing is over yet as well as the man who made it all ultra popular, @rv1raj is out with a different tweak: Addial.

Addial adds a dialer shortcut to your own telling facility. Its actually somewhat redundant come to consider it but I believe some of us might actually find this a very helpful tweak.

In a burst of a hurry you may be exploiting at each thing except the dialer. Does it seem like you? May be Addial is the tweak you will need.


Briefly, Addial just sets two buttons in the iPhone telling facility. One is Dial Phone as well as another is Add Contact.

Addial Cydia Tweak Brings Telephone Attributes in NC

The’s especially designed with this function although wed undoubtedly want to find if theres an auto-prompt-like attribute when you type several amounts / may be, by expansion, the first couple of letters of a name.

The Add Contact is essentially a shortcut to the Add New Contact display inside the telephone program. Nifty in the event you continue adding lots of contacts, although not so if youre going to be adding a fresh contact once in a while.

Addial is a free Cydia tweak accessible on ModMyi repo.

Fast video how to make use of Addial to add new contact or phone any amount from NC:

Additionally take a look at our interview with all the tweak programmer of Addial as well as other tweaks which are on our NC.

Top 10 Cydia Tweaks to Download in 2015 on iOS 8

You never get tired of studying the assortment of Cydia tweaks it is possible to have once youve jailbroken your iPhone.

But having various tweaks, odds are quite high that you may have lost several great tweaks on the way.


But then, that’s just why sites like iCydiaBlog exist: to investigate fascinating Cydia tweaks and should they appeal to you personally both when it comes to functionality and looks to get them!

10 Greatest Cydia Tweaks

10 more intriguing Cydia tweaks which you need to definitely try out now:

1). RespringCache Repair: RespringCacheFix isnt an exciting tweak that does something real but its among the main tweaks ever. Each time you respring your apparatus (Winterboard motifs, installs, tweak changes, upgrades etc.), there are few files saved which well call cache. This cache eats up your iPhones space and can slow down the telephone or a few of the tweaks/programs.

2).MuteIcon: MuteIcon is an easy and exceptionally practical tweak. You know theres actually no strategy to determine in case your iPhone is to the quiet mode by studying the screen. Thats why MuteIcon is excellent: it places a little mute icon in the status bar to inform you that the iPhone wont ring when a call comes in.

3). iKeywi: Theres one thing missing from your iPhones keypad and that thing is really costing you lots of time. On an average computer keyboard, you type the numbers and symbols readily. iKeywi places that fifth row right in addition to your normal keypad and this row has all the numbers & most symbols which can be utilized often. Really useful.

4). BatteryPeek: Need to truly save a bit of space in the status bar but nevertheless need the battery percent index? Well, Batterypeek (in conjunction with the Activator gesture) can readily get that done. That which you do is conceal the index and possess a gesture (like doubletap status bar) to reveal the battery percent to get a few seconds. In this way you save space in the status bar for other fascinating items.

5). FlagPaint: How would it be in case the colour of the telling banner ads transformed to the colour of the program. Well, thats exactly what FlagPaint does.

6). TorchNC: TorchNC is a straightforward tweak which adds a Pat to Flashlight button in your telling facility. TorchNC lets you switch around the flashlight out of your telling facility to be utilized as a torch in the dark. Easy, refined and neatly executed.

7). TypeStatus: TypeStatus is among the trendiest tweaks that Ive ever seen/used. You realize that when you chat with a buddy over iMessage, you can see those ellipsis when they’re typing a message. Needless to say, this uses your information (or Wifi) and has a little effect to the battery. Still, amazing tweak.

8). InstaSave: InstaSave made by from exactly the same programmer who created TorchNC (and Kamera also) lets you open Instagram immediately. Its for people that possess lots of programs and folders and finding Instagram from the group is difficult.

9). Flashorama: Taking a panorama picture? You most likely realize the iPhone doesnt empower the flash (theres no choice). However, what in the event you would like the flash to get a pano photo? Thats exactly where Flashorama comes in. Its free and accessible on BigBoss.

10). You most likely realize you could lock in the iPhone in portrait orientation (double press House -> swipe right -> spigot to the leftmost icon). However, what in the event you would like to lock in the landscape mode? tsLock O enables one to do that. Pay attention to the video: