Mute button of the iPhone 7 black space appears in a first image

Rumours of launching an iPhone 7 black space take shape for the first time today thanks to an image with a suspected button Mute the future smartphone, which is captured in a picture taken in China, probably by an employee of one of the partners of Apple contracted in aiming to manufacture components for the iPhone 7.

Black space will be the new color that Apple is going to offer iPhone 7 starting this fall in the idea of making new smartphone more attractive to users worldwide, its inclusion in the offer Apple will attract the interest of a greater number of people.

So far I have not seen proof of the fact that an iPhone 7 black space will indeed be released by Apple, but behold, today we see a first alleged component of the new device, but we are talking about a small component to be attached and other evidence of the existence of this device.

Mute button looks like the iPhone 7 black space


Many fans of Apple were happy to learn that an iPhone 7 black space would be released by the Cupertino, and that’s because it’s a unique design for line of smartphones of the Apple, a new color is always welcome.

iPhone 7 does not bring many changes on the design, and a new color may be presented by Apple as an improvement that users can enjoy, but many people still not convinced that this smartphone will be worth buying even su with a new color applied to the housing.

For now, the iPhone launch seven black space still remains questionable until we see multiple components with this color, and if he will indeed be offered by Apple, then we will see increasing evidence in the coming months on the Internet .

Racing Games – the most attractive racing games for iPhone and iPad

Racing Games is the name of a new section of applications available on the Apple App Store, it is basically an updated version of another somewhat older sections.

Apple lists in her most exciting racing games in the App Store and if you’re a fan of this genre, it would be advisable to look through it, for sure you will find something that interests you.

Titles available there are available free, but for the benefit of all their functions will need to purchase things through in-app purchase system sites.


The gadget you wean unhealthy habits

If you have too many unhealthy habits and do not know how to unlearn them, well a gadget controlled by the smartphone can help you lead a lifestyle healthier is more correct, and in the video below you can see how it is easy to use, and how much determination you need to use it.

Basically, we are talking about a small device that sends an electric shock human body, it can be mounted on your wrist with a strap special resembling a bracelet fitness, but it must be controlled manually by the user because it will not work automatically as likely you’ve wanted.

This gadget you can even connect a smartphone and when you do something you’re trying to unlearn, you can give an electric shock, repeating this process learning the human brain avoid to do that action to avoid the pain by electrical shock.

Basically, everything is based on the will with because he has to give its own electric shocks to avoid to do things, and this is a last resort in case you can not stop yourself from doing certain things you need not necessarily to avoid them.

MagSafe cable for iPhone is real and you can use it now

Cables MagSafe are extremely popular among those who own Macs them; connects and disconnects easily from a laptop of Apple in order charging the battery integrated system is extremely simple to use, many people wondering why he It has not reached a iPhone or iPad into a tablet.

If you are one of those who need such a cable for iPhone or iPad, well you have the option of purchasing an accessory like this, it allows a connection very fast at your terminal for loading battery, and data transfer with a computer.

Since the iDevice’s have a port Lightning that does not contain magnets, which are essential for ports MagSafe accessory requires a connector port Lightning’s iDevice sites and connecting cable with magnets him, connection and disconnection is done very easy.

Of course these accessories are made by Chinese and are not certified by Apple and their use could have a negative impact on the iDevice problems between us, but it is unlikely that Apple implement ever a connector MagSafe in its terminals, so another alternative may not have much.

Get rid of the bugs – TaiG iOS 8.3

Everybody has been stunned by the fact that the TaiG team has been so quiet about their new release of the TaiG 8.3. Furthermore, no one has expected it to appear so shortly. Nevertheless, users rushed to download and try it. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been quite trouble free. After reading some of the complaints we have compiled a set of tips to help you fix some of the issues.


The most frequently reported problem among those who installed jailbreak ios 8.3 is the device getting stuck on the Apple logo.

A possible reason for this would be the way in which the iOS firmware has been updated. Because the jailbreak 8.3 was expected to be released in February, many of the users have updated their firmware via OTA. Over time, it has been proven that if you want to jailbreak your device, this practice might cause problems.

If this is the case, you can try the following:

1. Try running the jailbreak ios 8.3 again after doing a Hard Reset (hold both HOME and POWER buttons down for 10 seconds).

2. If before installing this jailbreak you made a backup, try restoring your device from it. To do so you must first put it in DFU mode (hold both HOME and POWER buttons down for 10 seconds than release POWER while continuing to hold HOME until the recovery message appears in iTunes; click the restore button).

3. If the problem still persists, you can try installing one of the two new updates freshly released to TaiG v2.0 which are meant to remove Taig from the jailbreak. If you encounter this issue using the iPad 2, you should use v1.0.2. If none of the above work you should restore your device and hope the next update from TaiG will be released soon.

Another issue encountered after jailbreaking is the never-ending reboot loop.

The most common cause of this is a compatibility issue between MobileSubstrate and the first release of the TaiG jailbreak download. Because of this, many tweaks that rely on MobileSubstrate stop working as they should and can generate the reboot loop. However, MobileSubstrate has lately been replaced by Cydia Substrate.

If you can’t manage to get your device to boot up properly, you should enter DFU mode (see the steps above) and restore. If you manage to boot up your device, we advise you to enter Cydia and remove all the tweaks that use MobileSubstrate. After addressing this issue you should be able to jailbreak your device again. This time, try using TaiG v2.0 or1.1.2 if you are using an iPad Airt 2. This jailbreak should work with all your tweaks.

Jailbreak process stops responding

You should know that the jailbreak process should not take longer than 5 minutes – while using TaiG download jailbreak. If it stops responding or freezes and takes more than 5 minutes, you should close the jailbreak on your PC and reboot your device, then try again.

TaiG can’t be launched on Mac

This issue has been reported by users of OS X 10.8 or higher and it has to do with the GateKeeper. When attempting to open TaiG iOS 8.3, select open again in the window that appears.

Can’t bypass Activation Lock

This anti-theft feature needs the owners Apple ID to be able to restore or jailbreak the device. Unfortunately there is no easy way to bypass it unless you know the password. If you have purchased the device you should have it; otherwise you’ll have to contact the original owner and have them disable the lock. This can be done remotely.

Configuring System problems

Some users have reported getting stuck at this point of the jailbreak process. “Slow computers” would seem to be the problem in this case, although TaiG have not provided a list with the minimum requirements. They did recommend trying a different computer.

1. Before trying to jailbreak your device, always create a backup.

2. Disable the Passcode lock before proceeding

3. Do not start iTunes while the jailbreak is running.

4. If the firmware on your device has been updated via OTA, you should use iTunes to restore it before attempting a jailbreak.

5. Windows users who have troubles launching TaiG v2.0 jailbreak tool should make sure they are logged in as Administrator.

6. If your device comes with the new A7 64-bit chip, you should be aware that some tweaks do not work. We advise you to be very cautious or patient.

Call or add a contact from Notifications Center with Addial

mingly, it doesnt seem such as the Exploit-to-widgets thing is over yet as well as the man who made it all ultra popular, @rv1raj is out with a different tweak: Addial.

Addial adds a dialer shortcut to your own telling facility. Its actually somewhat redundant come to consider it but I believe some of us might actually find this a very helpful tweak.

In a burst of a hurry you may be exploiting at each thing except the dialer. Does it seem like you? May be Addial is the tweak you will need.


Briefly, Addial just sets two buttons in the iPhone telling facility. One is Dial Phone as well as another is Add Contact.

Addial Cydia Tweak Brings Telephone Attributes in NC

The’s especially designed with this function although wed undoubtedly want to find if theres an auto-prompt-like attribute when you type several amounts / may be, by expansion, the first couple of letters of a name.

The Add Contact is essentially a shortcut to the Add New Contact display inside the telephone program. Nifty in the event you continue adding lots of contacts, although not so if youre going to be adding a fresh contact once in a while.

Addial is a free Cydia tweak accessible on ModMyi repo.

Fast video how to make use of Addial to add new contact or phone any amount from NC:

Additionally take a look at our interview with all the tweak programmer of Addial as well as other tweaks which are on our NC.

Actiwidget, shortcuts from Notification Center

If you are on the go then you will find interesting this wonderful tweak. From the maker of Activator we get Actiwidget, This tweak adds some new features to Notification Center, like shortcuts to some features of your device. You can add a shortcut for your Music player, write a message or write an email. In other words you can add a short for any favorite action.


Configuration for this tweak is very simple, you can remove actions, place them in a specific order or you can add another action. Shortcuts for these actions appear in inline like buttons where you can scroll for the action you want. You can also define these actions to act like toggles for your important features.


This little tweak is more streamlined than other tweaks because you will not get all the buttons in the same viewable area of the Notification Center, because of the inline function you can always scroll to find the button you are looking for. I prefer this tweak instead of SBSettings because this way you can access easily those actions. Let’s just say if you want to activate your wireless or Bluetooth you must first go to Home screen where with Actiwidget you just simply pull down the Notification Center and access that action.

There are a lot of toggles and buttons out there in Cydia but just a few stands up to the task for what they were made. For example, this tweak does wonders even though it is in the beta stage, so let us just say that Actiwidget has potential. If you want more information regarding cydia apps and tweak stay tuned because there is more to come.