Mute button of the iPhone 7 black space appears in a first image

Rumours of launching an iPhone 7 black space take shape for the first time today thanks to an image with a suspected button Mute the future smartphone, which is captured in a picture taken in China, probably by an employee of one of the partners of Apple contracted in aiming to manufacture components for the iPhone 7.

Black space will be the new color that Apple is going to offer iPhone 7 starting this fall in the idea of making new smartphone more attractive to users worldwide, its inclusion in the offer Apple will attract the interest of a greater number of people.

So far I have not seen proof of the fact that an iPhone 7 black space will indeed be released by Apple, but behold, today we see a first alleged component of the new device, but we are talking about a small component to be attached and other evidence of the existence of this device.

Mute button looks like the iPhone 7 black space


Many fans of Apple were happy to learn that an iPhone 7 black space would be released by the Cupertino, and that’s because it’s a unique design for line of smartphones of the Apple, a new color is always welcome.

iPhone 7 does not bring many changes on the design, and a new color may be presented by Apple as an improvement that users can enjoy, but many people still not convinced that this smartphone will be worth buying even su with a new color applied to the housing.

For now, the iPhone launch seven black space still remains questionable until we see multiple components with this color, and if he will indeed be offered by Apple, then we will see increasing evidence in the coming months on the Internet .