Best Repo in Cydia, BigBoss/iCydiaBlog

Being ahead of everyone on iPhone platform is important so to achieve that you must use the latest stuff in jailbreak. Jailbreak leads to Cydia and Cydia leads to repositories that help you get to important apps, tweaks, media files, etc. There are a lot of repos out there that can be introduced to iCydiaBlog, but the best among them is BigBoss. Some repos are specialized in different areas but BigBoss covers almost all of them from apps to tweaks, themes to ringtones no matter if they are free or paid. Emulators to play games are also found here and some of the best apps and tweaks gather around such as: Springtomize 2, Zephyr, InfiniDock, SBSettings and others. We continue and present to you some of this great tweaks from

Springtomize 2 is an app that covers visual customization from homescreen, icons to carrier, backgrounds, wallpapers and other aspects. Lock screen is also customizable and all you need to do is respring the device to apply the changes. The app costs just $2.99.

Zephyr is the next app that comes in our little review and comes with multitasking gestures for your iDevices. It works through swipe. Just swipe your finger from left to right or vice versa and you can switch between apps this way. Task switcher is enabled by swiping from bottom to top and Notification Center by swiping from top to bottom. The NC doesn`t come down as you would expect but in a window.

If you need a tweak to help you get many icons on your dock than InfiniDock is the way to go. It enables you to use up to nine icons per page that are integrated in the dock. It`s an easy going tweak that you can use for $1.99.

One of the most used and important tweak of all is SBSettings that enables lot of toggles for your iDevice. With this toggles you can activate/deactivate lots of functions like WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, GPS or Airplane mode and many more. More functions are available too like restarting or respringing your iDevice or you can get even your device IP. $2.49 is just a bargain for this tweak.

Many other tweaks and apps are available through the BigBoss repo and because there are so many we have to limit ourselves to only those presented here.

Review of iCydiaBlog and BigBoss

Samsung’s first Windows Phone 8.1 handset pictured in consequently image

Verizon is preparing to launch its 5-inch Nokia Lumia Icon Windows Phone handset shortly, but it looks like the carrier will also make a new presentation for a Samsung Windows Phone 8.1 device in future.


Evleaks, une of the main specialists in that domain, reveals a new face of  of an unannounced Samsung “Huron” Windows Phone. The handset includes Verizon branding, and it looks very similar to Samsung’s Ativ S and Galaxy S3 / S4 devices.

While the Ativ S has capacitive search and back buttons, this latest leaked Samsung “Huron” handset appears to only include a dedicated home button and some opinions are that is a new approach of this problem.

We’ve heard Microsoft is planning to use on-screen buttons for some Windows Phone 8.1 handsets, and Nokia’s “Moneypenny” device will likely be the first example of that, but Samsung could be opting for a mix of hardware buttons and on-screen. We aren`t so sure about this, but in our opinion, it could appear an incomplete rendering because the capacitive buttons aren`t so reliable. In this case, we believe that Samsung will use the same type of buttons (non-capacitive) as Samsung has used non-capacitive home buttons on its previous Windows Phones. Also of note, there’s no dedicated camera button on the Huron.

No solid specifications have leaked yet for Samsung’s Huron handset, but rumors suggest it will include a 5-inch or 4.3-inch 1080p display. The handset was tested recently with  Bluetooth 3.0 testing, and Windows Phone trackers Ad Duplex. These tests were performed also on Verizon.  We have a contradiction between Ad Duplex and Evleaks, both sides claiming the version of  OS (Ad Duplex claims claims the handset, identified as the SM-W750V, is running Windows Phone 8 which contradicts Evleaks claim of Windows Phone 8.1). While Samsung may unveil its latest Galaxy S5 handset in Barcelona later this month, it’s possible the company could also use its latest Unpacked event to detail its future Windows Phone handsets.

Actiwidget, shortcuts from Notification Center

If you are on the go then you will find interesting this wonderful tweak. From the maker of Activator we get Actiwidget, This tweak adds some new features to Notification Center, like shortcuts to some features of your device. You can add a shortcut for your Music player, write a message or write an email. In other words you can add a short for any favorite action.


Configuration for this tweak is very simple, you can remove actions, place them in a specific order or you can add another action. Shortcuts for these actions appear in inline like buttons where you can scroll for the action you want. You can also define these actions to act like toggles for your important features.


This little tweak is more streamlined than other tweaks because you will not get all the buttons in the same viewable area of the Notification Center, because of the inline function you can always scroll to find the button you are looking for. I prefer this tweak instead of SBSettings because this way you can access easily those actions. Let’s just say if you want to activate your wireless or Bluetooth you must first go to Home screen where with Actiwidget you just simply pull down the Notification Center and access that action.

There are a lot of toggles and buttons out there in Cydia but just a few stands up to the task for what they were made. For example, this tweak does wonders even though it is in the beta stage, so let us just say that Actiwidget has potential. If you want more information regarding cydia apps and tweak stay tuned because there is more to come.