iOS 9 CamRotate Cydia Tweak for iPhone

iPhones camera is an ideal example of among the very most successful smartphone cameras.

Nevertheless, advanced iPhone photographers who would like their iPhone camera to lock a specific orientation use the iPhones orientation lock attribute. When that isn’t enough, CamRotate comes in.

CamRotate is a certain Cydia tweak created to give more control on the orientation of your iPhone camera. Its essentially for those orientation locks in to function just as you would like them to.

The true goal of CamRotate is likely lost in the busy reviews but at its heart, the tweak allows you to configure the inclinations.

CamRotate doesn’t have many attributes or setup settings. You’ve:

Lock turning which locks in whatever orientation you place the tweak to
Sync orientation which syncs the orientation on the basis of the iPhones standing(portrait/landscape)
Turning style which adds an iPad-like transition of the onscreen buttons when orientation is altered
It’s possible for you to enable or disable the tweak using a switch. You dont have to respring to use the changes. You only need to stop the camera program in the multi-task switcher and reopen the camera to view the changes taking effect.

CamRotate is a free tweak on the BigBoss repo. It’s possible for you to catch it on your iPhone.