MagSafe cable for iPhone is real and you can use it now

Cables MagSafe are extremely popular among those who own Macs them; connects and disconnects easily from a laptop of Apple in order charging the battery integrated system is extremely simple to use, many people wondering why he It has not reached a iPhone or iPad into a tablet.

If you are one of those who need such a cable for iPhone or iPad, well you have the option of purchasing an accessory like this, it allows a connection very fast at your terminal for loading battery, and data transfer with a computer.

Since the iDevice’s have a port Lightning that does not contain magnets, which are essential for ports MagSafe accessory requires a connector port Lightning’s iDevice sites and connecting cable with magnets him, connection and disconnection is done very easy.

Of course these accessories are made by Chinese and are not certified by Apple and their use could have a negative impact on the iDevice problems between us, but it is unlikely that Apple implement ever a connector MagSafe in its terminals, so another alternative may not have much.